In order to spread the IGT Network across the layers of the academic community a call for PhD Postdoc representatives was issued in Spring 2017.

The representatives will join the Network Management Group meetings which are held tri-annually to give a chance for the PhD and Post-doc IGT community to be represented nationally, raise any issues being faced and contribute to the newsletter and website development.

We’re delighted to announce our young scientist theme representatives:

Katjana Ehrlich, Herriott-Watt University

Katjana Ehrlich is a physicist in her second year of PhD at Heriot-Watt University and within the UK-EPSRC Proteus project, which focuses on using advanced single-photon detector technologies for time-resolved fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, and sensing of medically relevant physiological parameters such as pH and temperature.

Her motivations for applying including building the IGT network community, meeting potential collaborates to develop her research in biophotonics and being a champion for ensuring adequate networking opportunities for PhD members.

Brice Thurin, UCL

Brice Thurin is a research associate from the UCL Translational Imaging Group where he is a member of Dr Christos Bergeles team working on the development of 3D lightfield systems applied to image guided surgery.

His motivations for being a representative include encourage collaboration between engineers and clinicians, ensuring that technological advanced from early career researchers are being suitably publicised through the Network and ensuring they are receiving proper education on the ethical and clinical standards and regulatory approval required for the development of surgical tools.

Bilal Tahir, University of Sheffield

Bilal Tahir is a postdoctoral researcher from the Polaris Lung Imaging Team at the University of Sheffield where his research focuses on image-guided radiotherapy and the applications of image-guided therapy in non-oncological respiratory diseases such as lung volume reduction surgery for COPD and bronchial thermoplasty for asthma.

His motivations for applying were based on the immediate collaboration benefits he saw on attending a Network+ meeting and is keen to promote the aims and benefits of membership to the IGT community nationally.