Key themes

Guiding technical and clinical drivers
Common technical themes and underpinning clinical drivers, with the inclusion of end users, act as conduits and channels to facilitate interaction and collaboration between areas of image-guided therapy research.

There are four key themes that frame the activities of IGT Network+. Each theme is led by a Co-Investigator of the network who acts as a contact point and facilitator.

Theme 1 (T1)

Intervention planning and real-time computational update

Lead: Zeike Taylor

Developing new technologies for interventional planning, and for updating these plans intra-operatively, which ensures optimal delivery of treatments.

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Theme 2 (T2)

Focused energy delivery and motion compensation

Lead: Marcel van Herk

Taking advantage of planning and the increasing ability to focus different energy beams at directed anatomical targets is enabling a variety of new treatments for radiotherapy, proton therapy and minimally invasive interventional options.

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Theme 3 (T3)

Interventional imaging, sensing and contrast agents

Lead: Dan Elson

Improving imaging capabilities to deliver information about the patient’s anatomy in real‐time during surgery – one of the most fundamental drivers of change in interventional practice.

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Theme 4 (T4)

Clinical workflow, skills assessment and simulation

Lead: Dan Stoyanov

Optimising the workflow of procedures in the increasingly complex operating room, where technology and a variety of systems need to be used synergistically.

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