Our aims

Measuring the success of IGT Network+

The aim of IGT Network+ is to fertilise and enhance collaboration across UK IGT and promote relationships with industry and stakeholders with the ability to clinically translate IGT to realise patient benefits.

The network’s activities¬†include tri-annual networking events, a planned partnership level seed funding program for proof-of-concept projects and early career mobility/secondments.

Creating a critical mass in UK IGT

Bridging EPSRC research activities with industrial involvement and translational focus, through training and secondment of researchers.

Defining pathways

Defining the pathways for IGT translation and influencing policy in the effective use of new technologies.

Identifying major challenges

Mitigating risks in working collaboratively with clinical end-users, patients, industry and academics by developing a shared vision.

Facilitating Proof of Concept projects

Nurturing talented young researchers in using the network as a platform to advance their careers.

Continue to grow

Sustaining the network through industrial engagement, initiation of major national and international grants.

Exchanging knowledge

Promoting information exchange and IP exploitation among Network members to accelerate clinical translation and commercial success of new IGT systems